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Our Team

Empowerment. Innovation. Improvement.


Jay Hartman

Executive Director

Jay holds a Masters in Education Leadership from SLU and brings over ten years of combined experience as a teacher and school leader to his role with the CPN.  He believes that empowered teachers and families are the agents of change.


Dr. Paula Boddie

Principal, Ashland Elementary School

I have held roles within St. Louis Public Schools from Technology Specialist, Special Education Teacher, Instructional Coach and Principal. It has been the opportunity to impact the lives of future generations that has engaged me in the process of being a Life-Long Learner. I am very excited about the possibilities for growth and development in these uncertain times, like A Tale of Two Cities the power of choice is in our collective hands.


Jonathan Strong

Principal, Meramec Elementary School

Jonathan Strong is an educator who works with elementary school aged children, helping build strong foundations for their futures.  It is his passion for educating children that has led him to the St. Louis Public School District, to serve as the Meramec Elementary School principal.


Deanna Childress, PhD

Deanna Childress has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Notre Dame, where she was housed in the Center for Research on Educational Opportunity (CREO).  Her doctoral research examines the job search process for people with criminal records. Other important work identifies early childhood predictors of academic success and high school completion. Dr. Childress was a first-generation college student and is passionate about supporting historically disadvantaged students and working toward educational equity.

Deleo headshot.jpg

Nikki DeLeo

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Nikki DeLeo is a passionate educator committed to pursuing equity and opportunity in all communities through leadership, dedication, and advocacy. She has over ten years of experience educating students in St. Louis.

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